Oauth2 & strava


can someone people provide some guidance here.

There is a plugin available but it is very basic in terms of documentation.

Questions are:
I’ve added the client secret and client id to the app

How do you apply it and make it functional?
(do I add a login page / form and initiate on page load some how?)
I haven’t done oauth2 before so haven’t a clue how to translate what worked in Postman into a functional bubble solution

The information here provides a walkthrough of the process but it is very generic of course and not designed for bubble

Also the plugin does not ask for the :
access token
grant type

also how do you manage the fact that the access token will expire after 6 hours?
If this is hard coded into plugin it wont update for new sign ups to operate correctly


Did you ever get this working? I’m using this one:

I followed the docs / tutorial to add a Group / Few text items / Button and set those to use the Get Current Athlete API. I want to test the plugin and see if it will just get my own data from my Strava account. But, doesn’t work… I get this response in the Bubble page debugger:

Data with ID “undefined” from an API

But, looking at browser dev tools Network, I don’t see any calls being made to the bubble backend to invoke the API workflow to get the data… I’m a developer/coder so I can normally debug issues but I’m new to Bubble so I feel I must have done something with the setup of this API and the Group on the page so the API will work / display data.

This is the tutorial I used to create a test page in my Bubble app:


Hi @deepdev and @artie717 :wave:
Not sure if this is still relevant, but I did built some things with Strava and quickly added everything I think matters here: How to use the Strava API & Webhooks with Bubble.io

Let me know if you have any questions!