Searchbox keeps populating with "previous email"

I have this small annoying problem on my app.

I have a page that has an searchbox that searches for users by e-mail.

Every time the page loads, the searchbox populates with a random test e-mail I have used previously within the app. This searchbox needs to be empty.

I have tried deleting all bubble cookies, clearing my browser’s cache and data, and set up a workflow to reset inputs/groups on page load - but this e-mail address keeps appearing.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Are you sure this email address comes from the app? Sometimes web forms randomly add your email address to an email address field. Do you have the same issue in a private browser session?

So I guess the default/initial content for this search box is empty as well as place holder?

Is the searchbox in a group? I guess you mean you didn’t just try with the ‘reset inputs’ action but also the ‘reset data’ action which always works better for me than the input reset action.

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You can use after on load page workflow, reset group data as @vincent56 said.
Reset relevant fields only works when previous action was preformed.

Example: Sign in new user -> Reset relevant fields.

Try that, and tell us if worked :wink:

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Hi guys,

Many thanks for getting back to me.

Thank you @yusaney1

@vincent56 you are a genius. I had an incorrect “Do a search…:first item” in the default value of the searchbox, which was doing what it states. Can’t believe that! Hahaha.

For some reason the ‘Field to Search’ option did not appear initially when I selected dynamic choices. It’s working fine now and e-mail address gone.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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