Odd behaviour from showing data

Photo is not displaying. This is odd because yesterday it was all working fine. See the photos are in the database and my page setting below.

The photo is not displaying in preview? Or in the database (both data entries appear to have photos in your screenshot above)?

If they’re not displaying when you preview your app it could be to do with your privacy settings.

No images show in preview. My privacy settings are fine. Have I forgotten anything in the logic of displaying an image? Maybe the user must be logged in to see the images? I want anyone to be able to view them (logged in or out).

Looking at your screenshot, you haven’t actually selected an image to display - rather you’ve done a search for Groups, then selected their images. So that expression will evaluate to a list of images, not an image.

You need to specify which item from that list of images you want to display (such as the first item, for example).

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Thank you, that worked.

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and now it doesn’t work. I am drained from this software, it’s so unintuitive.

What’s not working now?