Offer a discount for social shares

Hey guys,

I would like to offer a discount to people that share my website. I don’t know how to automatically verify if they’ve actually shared and only then apply the discount.

Any ideas?

Not a direct integration, but you could checkout

It could return the user a coupon code that they could use to get the discount

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TIe the member reward to the response of their network when they sign up on your site, then apply the discount.

thank you Riley. I was looking to implement this functionality on facebook where my audience is. Unfortunately, Twitter is not very popular in my country.

thank you again for your time

Hey Ken, sorry but I didn’t understand…

Hi, sorry, I’ll try to be more clear. Only apply the discount to someone’s account when you have proof that they shared your website. So, in my site, I offer voting points to members who share it. I assign one point when they send an email and five points when the person responds to the email, with the link provided in it, and votes for the member’s image. Monetary discounts can be used, or any other inducement to cause the action you want.

I hope that is more helpful.


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