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How can I offset top a groupfocus with negative pixels? So that the groupfocus can appear above the reference element?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hey there,

see this loom:


Yes, thanks @ben4. The left offset is working, but the top offset doesn´t even move. I tried just typing a number and with the keyboard and does not work.

Can you make a video showing this?


Just checking, have you tried to delete it and replace it on the page?

Yes, I also restarted the browser and tried to and changed the reference element. But it still doesn´t work

I have the same bug. Please fill bug report - maybe it will get fixed quicker.

It’s only showing when you use styles on FG.

But but but it’s only editor bug - if you preview the page or push it to live everything will be working fine. (well it’s working for me)

Thanks I already filled the bug.
Ohh, I see

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That was my next response. Ahah!

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