Oh no! Error Still

I am still getting this error in Safari. Works fine in Firefox. I just updated my app and it started doing this. Haven’t updated the app for a while, then just started getting this error after the update.

Support just reached out to me a few mins ago and mentioned they are able to reproduce and engineering team is taking a look. I’ve been having this issue for 4 days

@lantzgould Glad they were able to reproduce it. You know what helped me is clearing my history. It went away. Weird though. I am using Safari on a MacBook Air. Not sure what caused it but at least that helped me fix it temporarily. Let me know if that helped you too.

Now it’s even happening on my iPhone. This has never happened until I just did a tiny update on my app. Not cool.

I’m going to lose all my customers now.

@Bubble @neerja any resolution to this?

Hey @J805, initial thoughts when this first starting happening was that it was browser related. Clearing cache, cookies, and website data didn’t help. Hoping Bubble can resolve this quickly. I haven’t pushed anything to production, but get the crash every few minutes while in the editor.

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