Oh no, you broke my Chromebook

Well, just the Data tab it seems.

Realise I am probably an edge case in using a Chromebook when on the road, but I think it is quite #nocode in a way.

Recent changes to the data tab to add privacy / defaults have broken this view on my Chromebook.

Not sure how you can test it, but any chance of having a look please ?


Curious… I only use Chromebooks, and nothing seems to be broken with the data tab. Are you looking at development or live?? How is it broken??

Also, not an “edge case”, more like on the “cutting edge”.


The table data view doesn’t appear.

And some of the text is squished up.

Hmmmm, wonder if it the fact I have chrome zoomed ?

Yes, very cutting edge :slight_smile: Love mine. And particularly love the portability of the thing. My old Samsung one died, got a refund immediately and bought s new Toshiba. Logged in with Google account and … Bingo there it was exactly like the old one.

hmm… everything seems fine and dandy on my chromebook…

It is the zoom, which I had forgotten about. At +125% zoom the data disappears. This doesn’t happen on Windows Chrome Browser.

yes, zooming the editor is generally not a good idea


Oh, given the resolution of my screen and the age of my eyes … it really is :nerd:

Oddly it is OK on the rest of the editor, it is just the data table that disappears on my Chromebook,

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Yes, but i can’t guarantee elements positioning will work exactly as expected if you zoom in.

I know, but this isn’t the way it “flows” when zoomed, it disappears.

OK, don’t worry about it, now I know where it has gone I can zoom in and out as needed.

Reviving an old topic here, but I get the “Zoom” alert even though my browser is at 100%. It doesn’t seem to do any harm, the editor shows the page just fine, moving items around give the expected result on the live page. Should I worry / test anything to ensure everything is a-ok?

By the way, @NigelG do you still use a Chromebook?

Yes, still use it regularly :slight_smile:

At 125% I don’t have any elements positioning issues.