Everything in 'Data tab' is shifted to the right


Today I opened the ‘data tab’ in the bubble editor and I noticed immediately that everything was offset to the right. Because of this I can’t create a new ‘Thing’ and I can’t acces the app data. (see screenshots).

Is there someone that knows how to fix this?


Hi @Thimo,

I reached out to Bubble for the same thing. It was due to some of my html elements on my pages. When I removed them, this went back to normal.

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Thank you for your response!

I have a lot of HTML elements on my page, but they are adding functionality to my app. So I can’t delete those. Did you remove some HTML elements or did you have to remove them all?

Hey no prob @Thimo,

Bubble didn’t really help me out in the sense of what to do. I had a bootstrap navbar that I like and was using on all pages, plus more html to my liking. After banging my head on the desk and trying everything, I just deleted it and recreated it using their built in editor. The forum might have a better solution to making this work, but I just wanted to add that the html was causing this. Take a look at what it was doing to mine. It made everything distorted from the database to the top where the options for dev and preview are.


Thats really weird!
I think I found a way around this issue, but it is certainly not a solution.
If you go to another page in your app where there are no HTML elements, you can acces the data tab without problems. So when you want to change something in the data tab you have to go to another page. Maybe this also helps for you. I really hope the bubble team will fix this issue, but for the time being I will do it this way.

@Thimo Pretty odd. I hope they have a fix as well. I did try doing that in the mean time, but as my app became more complex It was more of an annoyance so that’s why I reverted back. Let me know in the future if you do hear back or find a fix :+1:

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