Сomplex product made with Bubble

Hey everyone!

Im kinda would like to know is it possible to built a complex app (i mean the app with normal productivity/performance) with Bubble. I mean do you have an examples? :grinning:
Cuz as far as I could understand you could built the sportsbook/CRM/trading/etc platforms, but I haven’t seen (or found) any(
Maybe one of yours could share it :thinking:

Atomic Fusion is made in Bubble

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Yo! Thanks for that :grinning: )
Great example!
Do you have approximate number of users/actions/etc per day (or any kind of period). I mean the app’s pretty fast and without viewing the devtools you wouldn’t know that it was build with bubble :slight_smile:

Nice, that’s good feedback :slight_smile:
I’m running at about 1.25k WFs and 500 pageloads per day

I had to add on some server capacity on the professional plan tho.

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Not able to share examples since the apps I’ve built are internal/proprietary.

To name a few, I’ve built an ERP system with really complex business rules and a tools for SEO experts handling massive amounts of API calls and back end data crunching with the demand of a snappy frontend.

Cheers, Peter

Hi @philledille would that be on the production plan?

Hi @philledille :slight_smile:

Could you at least share the number of users/used capacity and etc?) I suppose that’s okay to share only numbers without any names)

These apps has not been focused on many users, but rather heavy backend processes and API loads – millions of DB records and thousands of API calls in one go and then post processing these.

(Handling many users is “simpler” in that it is a question about doing work in a smart way and also buying enough power from Bubble.)

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Got u. Thanks for info :wink:

How do you handle Bubble outages where backend processes/API loads may be affected?

One could have overarching “watchdogs” but that is a bit delicate since they as well put a load on the app/server.