SAAS, multi tenant and Third party auth


I am an experienced bubble user.
I am looking forward to do something I have never done before and need help.

I have a B2B saas project.
Each clients will have a set of users with their own Accounts.

The Saas will need to Connect with at least 1 professionnal software (lets say a CRM). So each clients has its own API connections.

Example :
Clients A has 10 users
Clients B has 10 users etc.

I need clients A and client B to have clean and separate data (with of course all of the security best practices )
I need each users of client A to be able to havé access to relevant infos from Clients A CRM.

My two main questions :

Is sub-apps the best way to implement a multi-tenant Saas ? Taking into consideration that datas need to be safe and cant be shared between client À and B. (I feel not safe enough using « only » privacy roles)

What is the best way to implement third party connection for each client (A and B could be usine the same CRM but I will need each client to access, retrieve, use their own data)…

I have been usine All bubble functionnalities including complex Api authentification and workflows in the past, but its completely différent when talking about a multi-tenant Saas project…
Every help and thoughts are much appreciated !

Thanks !

Hey @banbimmo,

Would love to have more details about the project just out of curiosity because it seems really interesting, you can message me in private if you don’t want to share details.

To answer your question, I would say for example if you are working on an EdTech platform, you will create separate data table for students and teachers BUT their basic details will be there in the User data table (Name, email etc)

Same I would suggest here.
Make two different Table, Client A and Client B
Client A admin and non admin can only see his own respective data and vice versa.
Also it would be easier to solve privacy rules.

I hope it solves the problem

Thanks, Ali
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Thanks for your answer.
Yeah it looks like the standard way to do it for simple Saas projects where you provide your clients with a service.

In my case each of my client will serve their clients Thanks to the Saas. So I cant imagine all the data will be in the same db, and be accessible only with conditionning access. (For security concerns first, but also the volume of datas)

My understanding is I have to create sub-apps to let them access their own db.
For example : / where db are separate and B cant access to A datas in annyway.
But maybe I am wrong ?

I would recommend using one app and them something like to setup multiple domains on one app. That will save you a lot of costs.

Will look at it

Any idea about third party auth for each client ?

Enable client A to connect its CRM
Enable client B to connect its CRM

Thanks a lot ?

Use the api connector. And then pass the params to auth. Then you can reuse the calls.

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