One app to create showroom site for each user


I’m trying to build an app that would allow each user to have his proper show room website with his content displayed.

This site should have a specific url to be shared to non logged visitors and have several pages, I’m not sure about the best solution to adopt here :

  • is it possible to pass a global variable throught the url which will be used in the page to get the correct data ?
  • I see that optionSet are used to have global variable ut I never used them and I don’t know if it would fit my needs ?
  • should I adopt an other strategy ?

Any help would be highly appreciated, many thanks !

Yes it is possible with a slight hack.

To generate the link buy showing some text to ‘Get data from URL’ and pick ‘Path’

then you need to bring the page URL back in to perform your search to on the page, so use ‘get path from page URL’

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@alexandre.boulme this video might help too