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One page app - refresh page issue

Hey Guys,

Decided to merge 2 pages to make functionality quicker.

What I’ve done is set a state for each page to determine which is visible.

I have a workflow that goes… when page is loaded and page state is page 2, then set state to page 2… It doesn’t work, any fantastic workaround ideas?

Add a condition on both page groups to be visible based on the home page’s state.

So if the Home page’s state is ‘1’, page 1 is visible and page 2 is invisible.
And vice versa.

That’s how I’d approach it.

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Tried that - Realised I’ll need to save the page’s state to the DB for it to work. Thanks

Hey @ryan23 :wave:

We normally use page parameters so when you refresh, you don’t lose the data. Then you don’t need to save anything to the database. Unless you want each user to ‘resume’ where they left off even when the close out there browser, then saving to the database is a good idea.

When page is loaded and state is x will not work because all set states are cleared out when you refresh.

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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I just got a quick lesson in the benefits from @rico.trevisan recently on this. Definitely the way to go

Previously I was using page states only but the benefit to using the url parameters is the user can go forward/backward through the apps hidden/revealed groups. with states only, when the user clicks back the browser changes the entire site


Thanks, Jared!

I finally settled on URL parameters + page state + option set. Hella combination for single-page apps + navigation bar.

  • page state is a _nav option with a desired _nav as the default.
  • on page load it checks for the parameter and changes the page state if present.
  • the navigation bar is an RG of _nav which performs the same go to page step + send current params + send this _nav's Display as the "v" parameter.
  • every group points to the page state for visibility

Recently I was playing around with the Subsy’s and Zeroqode’s plugins that let you use path parameters and it was super simple to move from one system to another.

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