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[SOLVED] Showing 'home page' for single page app

Hi all,

I have pretty much a single-page app with a bunch of hidden groups that are shown using custom states. For example, to show the ‘about us’ page I would use When index's selectedGroup is group-about This element is visible.

I can’t figure out how to show the first group on initial page load?

My ‘home page’ is called group-home but if I set the state to index's selectedGroup is group-home it won’t show on initial page load because I guess the first time a website is loaded it’s default is the index.

I have tried changing group-home to indexbut that doesn’t work.

I also tried making group-home visible on page load and hiding that group when group-homeis not selected, but that didn’t work either.

Anyone got any ideas for this?

Ah, I got it, When index's selectedGroup is empty This element is visible.