One save button to update inputs for multiple things in a repeating group

I have a page that displays a repeating group:

I’m trying to create a bulk edit so that a user can easily edit all the data points that go into creating the information shown above.

Below is what I’ve come up with:

I’m then trying to use one save button to save all the inputs for that rows “thing”:

This is where I"m struggling. I can get it to work if each individual line in the repeating group has its own save button but that kinda defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to build here. I’d like I user to be able to do lots of updates, click the save button once and all those updates are saved across all the things in the repeating group.

My assumption was to use “make updates to a list of things” but when the save button is outside the group I can’t reference the group. If I put the save button in the group then its adds a save button to each line which isn’t wat I’m after either.

Would appreciate any help!


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I’m looking for a similar solution so I’m hoping someone has done this and can chime in! Not only would it help from a user experience perspective, but my understanding on how WUs are calculated, a single save button should save on WUs as it’ll do fewer ‘make changes to a thing’ overall since it’ll do all the changes at once.

you’re still making a change to multiple things so not sure if that would help with WU

there’s an active cell plugin, might have luck with that but it certainly won’t be straightforward

My initial thoughts are this will be tough to do, which is embarrassing cause it’s such a basic idea.

Maybe a a combination of the Orchestra plugin and Floppy plugin to find iterate through each cell but that sounds clunky.

A quick fix is enable autobinding on your input elements (or do “When input’s value changes” events) and update stuff on-the-fly while they are typing.

Then have a “isComplete” yes/no field on your datatype, and your save button just Makes changes to a list of Things, and set the repeating groups things’ “isComplete” to yes to mark them all as “The user is actually done working on these”

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Yes this is exactly what I’m doing right now and it does work well - my thinking / response to the WU convo is below:

Yes this is true, but my understanding is Bubble’s WU counts count every time something is changed, regardless of how many thing you are changing on that thing. So in my example, if I am changing the quantity and unit value of a single line item, both using auto-binding, this is changing 1 thing 2x, incurring 2x the WU cost that you would get if a workflow changed 2 values on one thing. I may be incorrect on this but this was my understanding.

Not sure, I would imagine one large change to multiple things is better than one change per thing,

But if the 1st option isn’t even possible right now then :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, ultimately I landed on the auto-binding as well. I looked a the orchestra plug in and it was over my head. lol.

I’m looking to get an MVP launched so I figured “working” is best at this point and we can clean up later. auto-binding works for now.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.