One Workflow to Reset Any Dropdown Menu?

So I have a dropdown menu, and I created a workflow to reset it to the placeholder text when the “empty” (blank) option is selected. It works great. However, I’d like this to be the standard behavior for all dropdowns.

Is there a way to accomplish this - perhaps with a custom event or something? I can’t figure it out. I’d rather not duplicate this functionality for each and every dropdown menu.

Thanks for any help or insights.


Did you ever get this resolved?

I honestly don’t recall, @robert. :confused:

I’m back and forth between Bubble and other stuff sporadically, so I don’t remember the details; but I’ll have a look this evening and post back here with my findings.


Sorry for the delayed response, but no, it appears I did not figure it out. The relevant page uses two such drop-downs, and I just replicated the workflow for each one, but it would be nice to find a reusable solution.

If a reference to a drop-down could be stored globally (or somehow passed to a workflow), it seems like it would be doable. :smirk:

I did this for a dropdown that calculates a date range based on the dropdown selection. The dropdown has this week, last week, this month, last month, this fiscal year, etc. which I wanted to be universally used across the app. I created a reusable element that only has a dropdown in it, plus all the workflow logic to calculate the dates. As the user changes the dropdown, the logic sets some custom states of the reusable element for use by the page it is dropped on.

Reusable elements, of course! I don’t have much experience with them, so I guess it’s time to take a closer look. Thanks, @mebeingken.


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