How to reset dropdown value back to placeholder, when default value is set?

Hi Guys,

I’m having trouble resetting a dropdowns value back to empty, to then show the placeholder ‘Any’, otherwise I’m left with the blank dropdown, not greatly helpful to users.

Anyhow, I can get it to work fine no trouble, before doing a search, as the default value isn’t being picked up from a page parameter, but after doing a search and the parameter not being empty, I can’t get the value to reset to empty and show the placeholder.
The workflow is triggering to reset, but the default value is getting in the way, is there anyway round this to achieve my goal?

Here is a demo of the issue/bug I’m experiencing:

So at first I show that I can select a value and then select an empty value to reset - all working correctly. But then after I select a value from the dropdown and then hit search, which adds parameters to the page and refreshes it, I then try to select a empty value to trigger the reset workflow, but nothing will change.




Hopefully this post is clear. Cheers.

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