Onfido RESTful API

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if i’d be able to integrate Onfido with my application.
Documentation here: https://documentation.onfido.com/#introduction

They user RESTful API so i’m assuming this would work, I would just need to figure out how to connect it etc.

Just wanted to sense check with the community before starting.

yep @pauljamess it should be fairly easy based on their documentation

Hey Gaurav- actually we’re getting stuck on Authenticating the API :confused:

Did you try this:

Replace the your_api_token with the actual token

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Hey if you were successful in setting up this API can you help me understand how to create an express check?


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Hi guys,

I am also strugguling with setting up Onfido’s API. Thanks in advance for sharing your experience!


Hey Andras!

How can i help you?

I somehow last night managed to create a check and get a response. Tell me where you’re stuck and attach screenshots so that i can help you better.

Prajnya :slight_smile: