My first API, having a bit of trouble

Hey guys, I don’t even know where to begin problem solving with this one. I am trying to integrate Onfido, here are the API docs and relevant section (i think) vs my API setup below. (I will change my key after this post but I wanted my exact format to be visible.) Any idea what I am doing wrong? I get the error “No response found” Any advice is greatly appreciated,

Thank you

I’m quite new to using API’s myself, however have you tried removing “Token token=”

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remove /HTTP/1.1

Can you share also the other part of the API Call?

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Yeah I have tried every interpretation of that I could think of unfortunately.

That changed something!! Progress! Now its a field issue probably my quotation marks.

You need to add header with
Content-Type and value set to: application/json

Thanks for all your help It is finally working! Here are the final settings.