Only show users in repeating group with User Field of Role=Admin

I only want to show people in the message app that have Field called Role in the User Database. I want all user to see the people with the Role=Admin. But not be able to see other members who’s Role=Empty

I think I need “filtered” but cant figure out how to get there.

Hi there, @santa_sac… if I understand your post correctly, can’t you simply add a constraint to the repeating group’s data source where Role = Admin? You could probably also do it through privacy rules on the User data type. Have you already tried those options?


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I’ve tired setting the data source of the repeating group to " Current Cells User Role is Admin" but I get an error saying the data source should be user and its current yes/no.

Well, Current cell's User's Role is Admin is not a data source. Your data source should be Search for Users, and you should add a constraint to the search where Role is Admin.