Opaque buttons in group ... HELP? :)

Hello, I am having a problem with keeping my buttons ‘see-through’. It works when the buttons are separate but once I put them into a group the whole group becomes a ‘white’ background. I need to group buttons and keep them see through for the background picture to show through …. Thanks!!2020-04-07 - 1

Have you tried removing the group style and setting the background style to “none”?

Thanks, I’ll try that but for some reason right now my app won’t load :frowning:

Ok, that is how I have them both set now but I wanted to group them together so that I could have it working properly for responsive design, anyway to do that? Thanks :slight_smile:

You can group them. The settings I suggested were to apply to the group itself to ensure that it acts as an invisible container for the buttons.

Here’s my page settings

And here’s what happens when I group them … give me 1 sec …

Here’s my settings before I grouped them …

In the Group Properties, there is a Style dropdown. You need to remove the style (there’s a “Remove style”) link.

Once you’ve done this, you will need to set the Background style dropdown value to “none”.

Got it now!! You rock! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Happy to help :grinning: Please mark topic as solved so that others know you no longer require help with this. Thanks.