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Open element parameters from element tree

The only way I know of to open the parameters window with all the settings for an element is to double click on the element in the editor. After the parameters window is open you can just click on an element anywhere and the parameter window will switch to the new element.

At the moment, when my UI gets complicated I often have to double click on any random element to get the parameters window to open and then I can click on the element I want in the element tree.

Since it’s easier to find elements in the elements tree, it would be nice to be able to open the parameters window directly from the element tree. Maybe it could be added as an option in the right click menu? At the moment that only has one option for “copy” in it.

When I click on an element name in the element tree (once) it opens the property editor. Does it not for you?

Huh, well it does now.

I wonder what I was doing that it wasn’t working before.

Sometimes I click at the exact spot in-between names (though it looks like I’m clicking the name) and then that doesn’t opening anything. Maybe that. :slight_smile: