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Show/hide cell in a repeating group when a nested repeating group's number of cells exceeds?

Any bright bubblers out there that can figured out how to set this up?

It’s for invoicing purposes. The idea is that when a given invoice number of line items exceeds the number of rows in a repeating group, then it should display a new group/cell in that repeating group containing the next couple of line items and so on.

So eg. the invoice is in repeating group A and that held a repeating group B with line items - if repeating groups no. of rows exceeds 8, then repeating group A should show cell 2 with the same invoice but in repeating group B it should continue from where it left off in cell 1 of repeating group A :sweat_smile:. Its a bit tricky but surely some of you know a way? :pray:t2:

Thank you for your post! Every repeating group requires a list to populate the cells of the element, so if you wanted to Repeating group A to display a list of invoice line items in each cell, you could update your data structure.

For example, on the Invoice data type there could be an Invoice Items Lists field that is set to a list of another data type called Invoice Item. This data type could have a field that is set to a list of Invoice Items. That way you can populate both repeating groups with saperate lists.

Thx for replying :slight_smile:

I’ve solved my issue in another way - Made a cutsom sate upon page load to calculate the number of pages that would be generated.

Next, I put an input field on the page (hidden), that would calculate the start index no.
The repeating group’s line items number was set to start from the inputs start value and the "items until # was the number of cells that I could fit on the page.

That result worked out great!

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