Opening a Bubble link with the unique ID in the URL. Browser changes the unique ID to the slug automatically?

I have a page where I use a unique ID as the second item in the URL path after the page name, to determine what data is pulled up in the page elements.

For some reason, the page automatically changes the unique ID to the slug. I don’t want it to do this, mainly because I’m using the slug for different purposes than URL handling.

For example:

changes to below…

However, I’m surprised Bubble is even doing this because I don’t have a data type assigned to the page content. So how does Bubble even know which data type to use for the unique ID?

This breaks the elements below that are using the unique ID from the URL to perform searches. Is there any way to prevent this form occurring? Only way I can think of is to use a parameter instead of a path, but I would prefer not to change the structure of the URL.

Interesting. Didn’t realize this would happen even if you don’t have page data. Just tested and same thing happened for me.

Why do you need the slug if you just want the unique ID to show in the URL? That’s really what the slug is for. If you just want a unique custom value assigned to each data type, maybe just create a separate field to store that value rather on the slug.

You should pass it as a param if you want that experience, this is how slugs and unique IDs are intended to work.