Unique ID in URL When Sending data to a page


So you probably know how when you send data to a page on the “go to page” action, it has the unique id in the URL. Anyone know how to make it so It can be something different? (i.e. https://example.bubbleapps.io/apply/staff) for staff application and say I want an application for developer (https://example.bubbleapps.io/apply/developer)


Hey there @ryaavr25,

If you’re passing data which in this case sounds like you are, I would recommend looking into Slugs. In this case, slugs sound exactly like what you are trying to accomplish. I’ve attached the forum post written by Bubble Engineer @zoe below about it along with the official Bubble manual documentation.

Forum Post: New Slug Feature for Customizable URLs

Manual Documentation: https://manual.bubble.io/structuring-an-application/page-slugs

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