Opening an url in a New Tab on Mobile

Hello Bubblers, I will explain what I need to do…


When Page is Loaded → Opern an external website in a NEW TAB ( cause the normal action opens the url in the same tab )

I tried to use the plug-in called: " Open in a New Tab - No ID required " but all the browser ( on desktop chrome and on mobile chrome and Safari ) they stopping the plug-in to do so… when you enable the browser to open pop-ups works fine but I don’t wont my users to do so…

The other plug-ins to open new tabs required an element id… but there is no element id because the new url shoud be opened on page loading and not on clicking someting…

I need somethig that for sure will work on mobile browsers like Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS

Can anyone help with that?

Can you not just do this?

You can make the actual URL part dynamic if you need to. It’s the target="_blank" part that forces it to open in a new tab


Use the toolbox plugin

Thanks a lot guys… both solution worked great!

No problem

You can go to workflow and select navigation and choose external website and type the url of the website…And as you said you want to open the external website in new tab…So the input box where you typed the url of the website just below that there is a checkbox with written open in new tab, just tick that…
Hope it helps you…

I have got rid of the problem by changing the settings in search page.