Optimise page speed; prevent multiple file requests for same font


I ran a test on Pingdom for page speed and realised my page has multiple file request for the same font, which is adding a chunk of size to be downloaded upon each request.

Screenshot below on the file requests, which added up to about 200kb.

You can see that it’s largely for the same 2 fonts - Inter and Open Sans.

Would like seek help on how do I optimise to make Bubble load the font just once from fonts.gstatic.com?




I figured out how to remove 1 font which I was not using - Open Sans, which removed about 80kb of file size. Had to clear the Styling and also standardise all fonts to the Inter font on the page(s). That did the trick in removing the loading of Open Sans which I was not using.

Am still stuck with about 150kb of loading the Inter font repeatedly. Any help will be appreciated!