Option set shows "Option"


I have an app that has been dormant for 6 months.

In it I have a RE who’s type is an option set (types of users). The pages using the RE had one of the options as data source for the RE:

Now when I’m back in the app, the options are exchanged for the word “Option” as a valid expression in blue (and the pages/RE is not working):

Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 11.42.27

I can change the data source to the option I need, though.

Could this be a glitch happening since my app was not cared for for a while?

~ Peter

Hi @philledille,

If you haven’t already fixed all the values and the issue is still manifest, I’d encourage you to submit an official bug report. You should not have to go through the app and reset values. It was likely caused by some changes Bubble pushed.

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