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Option to Hide or Show Element in the Editor by Default

I frequently use a “loading” white floating group that expands the height and width of the page, which becomes hidden once the page is loaded in order to make it look like the page loads all at once. This floating group is set to “visible on page load”, so each time I change pages in the editor, I need to reveal it in the elements tree and hide it to see/edit the other elements beneath it on the page. I think it would be helpful if we could right-click an element in the elements tree, and select something like “hide by default”. This way its visibility would start off as hidden in the editor, though it’s still set to be visible on page load.

It may also be helpful to have a “show by default” option in the editor. For example, admin pages usually have all elements set to “not visible on page load”, so they are hidden in the editor by default. Having a “show by default” option in the editor would allow us to keep the “not visible on page load”, but show it all times in the editor.

Would anyone else find these useful? :slight_smile:


Yes please. Sign me up!



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Ya. I do the same thing with a loading screen. It doesn’t work any other way. This would be helpful. I agree. +1


+1 It’s an old thread but I feel it deserves more attention, this would save so much time working in the editor. Especially on dashboard/admin pages where all elements are hidden on page load. It takes a really long time to click 50 individual items just to show them. And you have to do this every time you load the page…

A button to show all hidden elements will be nice too in some cases, if it is easier to implement.


+1 for this, the main reason you have to use hidden groups is a lack of security functionality.

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+1 !!!

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YES Please!!!