Option to make all hidden elements in a group visible in the editor

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I sometimes have a group with many hidden elements set to “not visible on page load” (20 for example). Currently, to make them all visible in the editor, the eye needs to be clicked for each element since they’re set to hidden on page load.

Would it be possible to right-click a group in the elements tree, and select something like “Make All Elements Visible” to show all of that group’s elements in the editor? Would anyone else find this useful?

Thank you so much!



I’d find something like this to be useful too.

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Yep +1
Will save time and fiddling about.

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Yes, this would be helpful

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We just added that :slight_smile: If you refresh the editor and right click on the element name in the Tree you’ll see an option to show/hide direct children.


Wow!! Thank you all SOOO much! :grinning: I just tried both options a few times and they work perfectly!! :sparkles: Thank you again!!



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May need a little tweak on the documentation > under ‘Hide all children’
Make all direct children invisible in the editor.



This is great, @emmanuel, thanks. Would it be possible for all children to be auto-selected when this command is applied, or perhaps to provide a separate Select Children command? Would be ideal for moving all children up/down in a group to make room for new elements, for example.

I think this submenu has recently been expanded, we now have ‘delete’ and ‘delete all children’ didn’t notice this before - can be accessed by right clicking on a element within the elements tree sidebar e.g.image