Option to 'start with' a text element's default text when creating a new conditional

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When creating a conditional on text elements, the input populates with the ‘edit me’ text:

This probably is most useful for text elements that don’t have any dynamic expressions. But for text elements that by default have a lot of dynamic expressions, I think that it would save some time if the Text multiline input auto-populated with the element’s default Text.

For example, in this expression, I have a couple dynamic expressions and rich text formatting:

I think that it would be helpful to have a small button such as ‘edit default’ beneath the multiline input so that I could start with these expressions as the initial content for the conditional instead of recreating the expressions:

Would anyone else find this useful? :slight_smile:


Amen. I agree!!!

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You can create a template of things to duplicate, no? Using that technique save me a lot of time. But I like the suggestion ‘by default’.


@JohnMark Right! I do that too with multiple conditionals! :slight_smile:

But I didn’t realize this until your comment, you can right-click any area outside of the dynamic expressions and rich-text formatting, in the input, and click ‘copy’ (not ‘copy expression’):

Then right-click to paste the entire expression in the conditional text input with the dynamic expressions and rich-text formatting:

(Pastes the entire value with the rich text formatting)

I think I forgot that you can also copy the entire expression if you click outside of the dynamic expressions :sweat_smile:

Having the ‘edit default’ might save a few clicks, but copying+pasting the full expression definitely helps a lot!

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:open_mouth: How did I not know this? An amazing discovery! Yay for time saved!

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Better late than never for both of us, @eli! :relaxed:

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+1 @fayewatson it’s a good idea

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