Modifying a part of a conditional without deleting everything else

So I got a conditional that starts with Current User’s Name is “Jorge” or Current User’s LastName is “Dominguez” and [other conditionals], and I want to change the first part (Current User’s Name is “Jorge”) without the box deleting everything after that part cause it is really long and don’t want to change every workflow and conditional by rewriting everything.

Any tips?

Won’t just clicking on “current user” bring up other dynamic alternatives?

Thank you for the quick response. It does, but the thing is that when I change to another alternative, all of the other parts of the conditional are deleted.

Yes, this is an issue. It was apparently ‘fixed’ in the past but not really. If you are using static details such as a text in the first part of a conditional, when you change that static value, all other parts are lost from the dynamic expression (conditional).

If you attempt to change any other portion besides the first portion, even if you are changing the dynamic aspects of the conditional, the remaining sections are lost (at least in my vast experience they are).

The only things you can really change without issue are the ‘and/or’ operators as well as other operators such as ‘contains list’ or ‘isn’t in’ etc.

The remaining sections are lost, except if you replace the first section by another section with the same data type of the replaced one. That’s what I noticed. So in some cases, you don’t loose the whole conditional.

But yes, I agree that if we could preserve some parts of a conditional, it would be much better…

That is true, but from my experience, not if it is static such as text…so the difference of saying for example using an option set for ‘Status’ when you change the value of that, which would be an option set, the remaining portions are in tact.

However, if you just use a text field for status and your conditional expression is requiring you to type in the status value as a static text, then the other portions are lost is what I usually experience.

Another reason why I attempt to never use text fields and utilize option sets for most anything that has a set of choices involved…actually had to re-do an old feature last night to change over from text to option set.

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Absolutely right.

To sum up, not easy to avoid time-wasting rework when working with conditionals!

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Thank you very much guys. Such is life.


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