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"OR" function in Do a search

Is there a workaround to having an “or” function when doing a search? Inthis case, all these constraints have to be true to return a value, but is there a way I could search for users where “S: Instagram isn’t empty” OR “S: Facebook isn’t empty”?

Many thanks

You need to use “Filtered” to do that.

Search for users(seller status=yes) :filtered
Advanced: This users S: Instagram isn’t empty or This users S: Facebook isn’t empty

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Hi there, @phetxdphet… as @maheshkasindi mentioned, you can use an advanced filter, although, those filters can be slow because the data is filtered on the client side. Another option is to merge two searches together with the merged with operator. So, do a search for users where S: Instagram isn't empty and merge that with a search for users where S: Facebook isn't empty.

Anyway, just food for thought… hope it helps.


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Thanks for the alternative! Yea I’ll try to not use advanced filters if I can afford to, thanks for help!

@maheshkasindi thanks for the suggestion too! I’ll use those for scenarios where I can’t use the merged with operator!