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OVH / Bubble Connection

Hi all,

Hope you are doing well!

I try to connect a custom domain ( on my new Bubble app (first time for me)
I understood that I need to delete existing A records in the DNS Zone (OVH interface) and add the records indicated by Bubble (I have 4 A records with the same value).

Do I need to create only one new entry on OVH interface? Do I miss other steps?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey there @myvitrine,

Looks like it’s working for me! :blush:

Hi @johnny ,
Thanks for your answer.
Yes is now working!
I would like to add another domain: (which was hosted on WIX) but I do not know how to do that…

Hi Folks,

For those looking at updating your DNS when using OVH Domain Registrar, you can check out what works for me below.

  1. In the bubble settings tab, enter your domain (starting with www). You will then be prompted with IP addresses to be used in your OVH account

2.Go to your DNS zone remove any line item with a A type or a CNAME type and click on “Add new entry”

3.Choose A as a DNS type

4.In the pop-up, leave empty the sub-domain field OR enter www depending on the DNS provided by Bubble. In the target, simply copy/paste the IP address provided in the Bubble settings window.

  1. Repeat the sequence above for all 3 remaining IP addresses, wait a couple of hours and your website should be up and running.