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P2P (WebRTC - Without third party services) Unlimited Video calls & Text chat - Looking for Beta Testers

We are glad to announce first decentralised Peer to Peer plugin on Bubble.

Fast, Secure and Unlimited

BETA testing
If you want to participate, leave a comment and we’ll give you 1 free license that is active until we are out of beta phase (1-2 weeks roughly). We’ll contact you in PM.
We will announce in advance when we are closing the testing phase.


  • Text chat
  • Video/Audio calls
  • Screen share
  • Connection through firewall
  • File sharing (directly, without database)
  • Trigger an event for connected user
    (For example User 1 can trigger a click event for User 2)
  • Works on both, mobile and web browsers
  • No need to register and pay to third part services, install the plugin and it is ready to go
  • Pay only for the plugin that we actively update with bug fixes and improvements




File sharing


Video call

  • What if I need only one feature?
    If you need only video or only file feature, 3 new plugins with those separate features are coming soon.
    P2P - Video calls
    P2P - Text chat
    P2P - File sharing

  • What is P2P or Peer to Peer?
    A peer-to-peer (P2P) service is a decentralised platform whereby two individuals interact directly with each other, without intermediation by a third party.

  • Do you use any third party or other type of backend service?
    The initial connection and unique ID generation is made on our private server, when the two users are connected, the server is not in use anymore and all data(text, files or video stream) is transmitted directly from one user to another.
    Also, no data is saved or goes through Bubble database.

  • What is the latency
    Data sent between the two peers do not touch any other servers, so the connection speed is limited only by the upload and download rates of the two peers. This also means you don’t have the additional latency of an intermediary server.

  • What happens if a client is behind a firewall and cant do p2p?
    Firewall is not a problem, we are using our ICE server to solve this issue.

  • Is it possible to host the private serve?
    Yes it is possible. We can build the server for you. It will require some time and costs do to it. We can discuss more details in private.

Additional important information
  • UI Elements
    The plugin does not provide any UI elements. All UI elements from demo page are for demonstration purpose only, this plugin is a tool that provides you everything you need to build a P2P connection, all UI elements are up to you.
  • Message history
    Message history is not saved anywhere. Only last 30 messages are available via plugin state.
  • Documentation
    Coming soon. You can see how it works in demo editor.


Editor Demo:


If you have any suggestions on how it can be improved or if you found any bugs, please write them in this thread.


I’m happy to test this out!

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Good news, we have reduced the price while we are in Beta testing phase.
You can still become a tester for free, write us here or in PM.

What pricing do you expect after beta? And is it possible to host the private server for initial connection / id generation outself? (so if anything happens to ezcode we can continue using it).

Also what happens if a client is behind a firewall and cant do p2p?

Hi, thanks for questions

8$ per month
if you will require a private server then there will be a one time payment(will set a price for it later)

Yes it is possible, but will require some time and costs do to it, we can discuss more details in private.

Firewall is not a problem, we are using ice servers to solve this issue.


Awesome. Can I betatest?

Sure, will write you in PM

Check your PM :wink:

Is it possible to add a event that someone is talking? like with

Yes, we are planning to add many other events like, typing event, talking event etc.

Nevermind… I just understood like this is only for connecting two users. I thought it was for making a p2p group conference :slight_smile:

by the way, we are working on a conference version too :wink: that will be a separate plugin.


you made my day! :heart:


How are you getting on with this? I’m well up for testing this out if you require more beta testers.

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Interested in seeing this when complete. How much will a one time purchase cost?

Hey there! I just tested it. Works well! Except that the switch camera function seems to be a hit-and-miss.

Can I apply to be a beta user? I’m developing a telemed app. =)

Yes the beta is still opened, I’ll write you both in PM.

There will be subscription plan only.
Our solution is the cheapest on the market and it is unique, because it was built from scratch specially for Bubble.
In order it to work, we have to run our own private server (See in description why we need that)
Also, we are constantly work on improvements and new features.


Can we add support for sharing whiteboard or stream events from a webrtc group? so anything in that group will be reflected on the otherside?

hmm, will see if we can do that. One related feature that we already have is trigger event, so user 1 can trigger an event to user 2, You can see that in demo when pressing the hand button )
Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 11.52.22

Look in the demo editor how it works.
Basically when you use this action, an event is triggered for other user, and you can do whatever you want there in this event.

Little update here,
Beta testing is still ongoing, so far so good we didn’t met too much bugs or issues.

We are working on a global update v.2
However, the beta testing is still opened. Any new beta testers are welcome.

Little inside for you, version 2 may or may not include a new feature called, conference :wink: