[New] P2P Video Streaming plugin


Unlimited streaming with our Peer-to-Peer (P2P) solution, free from third-party rules and hidden fees. Utilizing WebRTC technology, it’s ideal for everything from online education to entertainment.


  • Video & Audio streaming
  • Background Blur effect
  • Text chat
  • No Limits for Duration or Viewers
  • No third-party services and fees
  • Screen Sharing - COMING SOON
  • Screen Sharing and Webcam simultaneously - COMING SOON

Demo: https://p2p-demo.bubbleapps.io/version-test/p2p_streamer
Marketplace: P2P Webinar Streaming Plugin | Bubble

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@tahycoon this is a paid plugin but looks fully custom if you want to try this


Hey @lola!
Oh my I didn’t know we can have a streaming feature without third parties!
Not sure if this works for video conferencing tho :thinking:
I settled for Agora plugin for now as well as yours for other projects but I will definitely have this on my list!

Thank you again!

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Hey, just FYI, we have recently published another version of this plugin that does video conferencing. :wink:

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Oh wow!
No fees?! That’s something! Good job!
I am wondering, when comparing this to services like Agora, what would be the pros and cons of choosing this plugin over Agora aside from the pricing?

I am concerned about how the video call data is transferred and whether it might slow the user browser and/or have lower quality?

  • Designed exclusively for Bubble, ensuring features tailored to Bubble.
  • Complete control and optimization with a primary focus on Bubble integration.
  • Privacy - all data is exchanged directly between peers, no servers.
  • Unlimited call duration eliminates time tracking and cost concerns.
  • Control over code, consulting with users for potential improvements, new features or bugs fixing that may be related to Bubble.

Regarding data transferring, as I mentioned, all data goes directly between users only.

About quality/speed, here is a section from documentation explaining our aproach


You can test it on the demo page, and read more on the documentation page, you’ll find all links in the plugin description :wink:

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Update v.1.1

New feature:

  • Switch camera (Back/Front) on mobile devices

Fixed demo page with video not showing.

Description update:
To Start stream use the streamer demo page

To View stream, use the viewer demo page

Update v.1.3

  • New feature: Screen Sharing

Try it on demo page