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P2P (WebRTC - Without third party services) Unlimited Video calls & Text chat - Looking for Beta Testers

Hi, we were working on our servers lately.
Doing work in backend to provide stable connection.

If you have any specific suggestions you can tell us :wink:

Ohh, okay. I was just curious.

What are your future features? :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hey There,

Wondering if anyone has come across an issue with the plugin where the screen share is “flipped”. Meaning the screen share content renders opposite of what’s normal. Wondering if there’s something I’m missing or if there’s needed html/css, where to put it within Bubble to fix the issue. Thanks!

Hi, will be possible to customise the controls ? Like make my own buttons to share screen, hangup, etc and position of those buttons to

Thanks and keep good working :wink:

Hi, yes of course, check the demo editor, those are standard bubble buttons.
You can add any button you want and attach to them the plugin’s actions :wink:

Is it possible to switch camera in phone??

Hi, yes of course.
When the camera is turned on, use the action “Switch Camera”.
You can try it on the demo page.

Hi There,

I am trying to set up your plugin in my app, and being fairly novice at this, I am struggling a bit and need some guidance. I cant seem to find anywhere the pop up call window and other pop up features that are in the demo editor. When I drag P2P element onto my page, all I get is a few fields for appearance for P2P A then when I drag it on again, I can fill P2P B appearance, But nowhere I can find the pop-up elements that are shown in responsive mode in the demo editor.

Also my app will have a list of profiles of people who are online and available. How do they get Peer ID’s that can be linked to their profile, so when someone wants to call them, they can just click on their profile in the app, and it will send a connection request? Can they have the same Peer ID each time, if so, how are they assigned? Or does it have to generate a new one each time they log in?

Also, I am linked up to Wasabi for cloud storage. The intent is to be able to screen record every P2P call and upload it to the cloud. Will this work with your plugin? Can the screen area that is recorded be adjusted and set? Or is it always the entire screen?

Once again, I am a total novice on bubble, and am working hard to understand how it all works, so please if you can answer in as simple a way as possible, that would be grand! :blush:

Thanks in advance.

Hi there!
Firstly I want to ask a question to you, how well do you know Bubble? Because, this is the main issue, you have to know well how Bubble works in order to use the plugin.
The plugin was made in a flexible way so it can be integrated in any use case, that’s why it has many useful Events and States.

Please refer to the Demo editor page to see where are pop-up window comes from. But in short, those are standard Bubble elements, that are shown when some events are triggered, see the Workflow from the demo.

When a user is connected (opens a page where the plugin element is located), a unique ID is automatically generated for him, save this ID the user’s Database.

There’s an event that is triggered when the ID was generated, it is called “Current Peer new ID”, the ID is located in the state “Current Peer ID

You will have to download it first and then upload to your cloud manually.
The file is too big to save it in a State as base64.

The recording screen is limited to the browser API, it allows you to choose the entire screen or the current window only.

I did my best, hope it makes sense to you.
I would recommend to dig deeper into Bubble before using any sophisticated plugins :wink:


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Hi! Thanks for your reply. I have worked most of it out now I think, with the aid of your nicely simplified answers (thank you for that👌). It has also raised another question though: Is there another solution than manually uploading the screen recording files to cloud storage? For my app to function as I want it to, it needs to be automatic, as the onus can’t be put on the user. Most of our users will likely be fairly un-tech-savvy, so we need to make it as easy as possible for them to use.
Do you have any suggestions for this ?
Also when I select the action “Call P2P A” is the current user P2P A or is P2P A the one being called?

Thanks for the support.

The current user (that runs this action) is calling someone.

Not for now, as the screen recording was added as an additional feature that is not in the plugin priority and not the main purpose of the plugin.
However, we will see if we can do something about it.

Ok thanks, If you do manage to make it possible to upload to the cloud automatically, It will be the perfect plugin for my app. Cheers.


Just subscribed. I am excited to get started but please provide us with documentation and instructions when possible. This type of plugin needs documentation.

Can you also let me know what service exactly this plugin provides for text chat? We are building the UI ourselves so what does this plugin do?

Hi there,

I agree, we will publish the documentation soon.

The plugin offers an end to end instant and secure and private connection between users, avoiding any servers or databases, not only for text but also video and file sharing.
This provides an instant data transfer limited only by Bubble UI to process it.

The logs or chat history is not saved anywhere, it is up to you, the app owner, to save or not the conversation.

The only time a server is needed is to find a user by his ID, when the users found each other, the server is no longer used.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


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Hi Andrew

I am setting this up by replicating your demo and so far so good.

I am replicating everything and haven’t yet gotten to testing out the actual video calls yet but in the meantime I have a question: Can the video call play through the videoJS external plugin to allow for some its extra features to be added to the live video screen?


Hi there,

Our plugin requires an element with an ID where it will append the video element.
But what are you trying to achieve with the videojs plugin? If it is something not significantly, maybe we could add this to our plugin.

It is not a strict requirement but I thought it would be cool to experiment down the road if I can incorporate live speech to text, and then have live subtitles appear on the screen via VideoJS

Yeah that sounds cool.
Maybe we will add this in the future updates:)
You can add that text below the video for now.

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Hi, I have a few questions, first, would a user be able to rejoin and specify a timeout time since when I refreshed the page the other party would not be able to reconnect again.

Also, could the user specify the resolution for the recording to be downloaded and Would it be able to only record the tab and not the whole browser? what is the longest length a web session that could be recorded?

Finally, Could the user send an image file and display the image instead of the file name? And would the user be able to download the file again before closing the session?

Looks cool. This plugin can come in handy if implement in call related app. Great job!