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Does anyone know of a way that I would be able to show page flipping for a pdf (book) without having to go to a third party service. By show a page flipping I do mean the user can control turning the pages.

Honestly, I dont care if it animates on page flip, but I do want to show the book across the screen and let the user change pages.

Extra points if anyone can see how to make the screen show two pages side by side on a computer and only show one on a phone. Wishful thinking? Aahah :slight_smile:

I have researched all of them and they all have very intense limitations, like on a phone it wont go full screen, meaning it is hard to read.

Any ideas?

Does anyone have any ideas for something like this?

I’ve never messed with this, it would interesting to see if anyone has any ideas.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? Even a third party service would work for me if that third party service has whitelabling.

Are you just looking for the ability to display a PDF with two or more pages in a portrait side-by-side format l(like a book)

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That is what I am looking for. There are many services that accomplish that, but none that offer two critical things in their basic tiers. I want to be able to go full screen on a phone and I want it white label.

There are some that do one of each, but not both. Another developer found one that does both, but only in their enterprise tier. That was like 200 per month. Ahah.

So at this point, I am willing to try anything.

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Almost but not fullcreen

Or this

Both options are very close to what I want, but I really like the second option.

Without looking into it deeper, is that something that can be implemented pretty easily? Any ideas?

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I just built a server side plugin that is a thin wrapper around the Mozilla supported Node.js library pdfjs-dist. For now this is strictly to extract text and metadata on server side data processing. It is possible to expose the client side of pdfjs-dist through elements. If you want to discuss a possible development direction contact me through my support email.

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Doesn’t look crazy! I’ll give it a go this week.

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This one is kinda cool, too. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hey @lantzgould

I like both of those. The one I mentioned before and that one. If you come to a solution, I would love to pay you to implement it on my app. If that is something you would like to do.

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The one that Lantz mentioned is cool! But it requires you to enter raw text and images and then converts that to a flip book.

The second one I mentioned involves a license key or a watermarked and limited flip book. Other than that it’s really straightforward and easy to use.

Seems like the idea would be to essentially cut the PDF into pages. Put each page onto its own canvas. And then flip between canvases with flip JS. I am still interested in solving this because it’s a cool plug-in in a cool idea. I’m gonna keep looking


I am interested in the second one you mentioned. You said it has a watermark, I am willing to pay for it.

What do you think?

I appreciate the help.

Did you or @ben4 ever solve this use case?