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Anybody else experiencing this? The page HTML header is not showing up in the debugger for me and shows as empty with grey indicating no data values were ever present (ie: no dynamic expressions used), however, I have structured data added correctly, which I’ve validated and had pages indexed in past.

Now, the structured data validators are indicating no items found as well as the debugger showing empty value. Issue is affecting my development and Live site, likely killing any chances of my new content getting indexed properly by Google.

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 9.53.23 PM
Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 9.53.09 PM

If there’s no data values at all present, it sounds like a privacy rule issue! Would you mind checking and seeing if the Blog-Posts data type has any privacy rules enabled?

For me, nothing shows in the page HTML header in the debugger… but it’s definitely there in the source code.

Have you checked the actual source code of the page?

no privacy issue

Yes, it is in the page html header section within the editor, and I believe the structured data testing tool that shows item not found is looking at the source code of the page.

But does it actually appear in the source code of the page?

In my case it definitely does (even though the debugger doesn’t show anything).

If your source code is not showing the HTML header then something’s obviously wrong… otherwise i wouldn’t worry too much.

Would I need to look at the developer tools?

I am using Google Chrome and from the developer tools I look at console and from what I can see there, I assume the Page Header HTML would be in this area in the screen shot, which doesn’t seem to show anything.

Screen Shot 2023-07-15 at 1.28.03 AM

I can see in the console the page title, meta title, description and image information showing up, but I don’t see any other area that would be the Page Header HTML, nor do I see anything that would represent the type of information in my structured data placed into the page header html.

Would this be the correct place to see something if the data was sent to the page properly?

It should show up there… but I’d check the source code directly as well, by right clicking on your page and clicking ‘View Page Source’ …

Thank you for the help.

I don’t see it in the source code at all.

I’ve submitted a bug report about this.

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This issue was solved by removing from the header area the dynamic expressions of ‘this url’ and ‘website home url’. Neither expression is available in the page header section by default and had been copied and pasted into the header area. By removing them, the page html header is now coming through.

Note, that this issue only started within the last week to my knowledge, and this structured data approach to using a copy and pasted expression for ‘this url’ and ‘website home url’ had been in place and working for over a year (actually 3+ years as I’ve used it in other apps).

I’m now concerned that whatever change Bubble made to make it so errors like this occurred because of a copy pasted dynamic expression not available by default in an input area will also affect other parts of apps that had to rely on the use of copy pasted expressions that were not available such as in conditions on workflow actions etc.

Not sure what the change was or when it was made, but it seems like a ‘breaking change’ that I wonder if it had been communicated with users in any way.


How many times have I noted that this is bad practice, as noted by Bubble? Lots.

I’m sure there are more, but I’m tired of pasting.

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I don’t know I don’t really pay too much attention to all of them, but I really appreciate the links to the ones you provided.

Do you have a count?

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