Page-name as parameter to know which page to navigate to (if you have hundreds of pages)

Hi bubblers,

I am building an app offering various courses and thinking about a smart way to structure the pages.

Basically, users get presented a course overview and upon clicking on a course a new page should be opened containing the course content and chapters. Since there are a lot of courses and every course can have multiple chapters and a lot of content, I think the best way is to have each course on a separate page rather than making groups visible based on page parameters.

However, this means that I would need to connect each Button Start-Course to a dedicated page, which may be challenging (also to maintain) if you have a large number of courses.

Ideally, I would like to set the page name = course name (so that the name of the page changes if the course name changes) and fetch the page name to be opened from the database.

Can you give me some guidance/ideas how you would do that? Alternatives/Input are also appreciated.

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I figured it out.

  1. Create pages with names that equal the courses’ slugs.
  2. Button “StartCourse” triggers a workflow to open an external url with “website home url do a search for courses slug”
  3. If the resulting URL matches one of the URLs of the created pages, this page will be opened then

The only risk to this method is that renaming accidentally either the courses slug OR the page-name will throw a 404-error. Slugs and page-names need to be the same.
Unfortunately it does not seem to be possible to have a workflow which sets the page names based on a slug.

Thanks for coming back and answering you own question in public.

So each page will have a module of a course, correct? Why not give that page a type of content then - instead of using open an external website - you can use go to page and send the needed slug as a parameter?

Could you be overcomplicating things? If you’re doing a search for the slug of a course name based on Parent group's text… that text is coming from the database, no? Why can’t you just skip that whole search and use the go to page sending parent group's slug as a parameter?

Yes, each page will contain one course. When I use “go to page” I need to give a specific page. However the page is a variable which depends on the course which is clicked. So I have no idea how that should work out (since you can not parameterize the destination page).

Yes, each course has a name, description, slug etc. in the database. Somehow, the only way is to do a search for it. I only get offered parent group’s text rather than the slug.

I didn’t know about the type of content of a page. But not sure, how this helps to direct the user to the correct course page.