Page permission with PageLoad goes wrong

I am trying to manage page permission using below method suggested by people in this forum.

Method: Using page load event on secure pages, I am redirecting user to index page if user does not have appropriate permissions.

Issue: Redirecting to index page using page load event is not clean solutions. If user presses escape button before redirect but after secure page is loaded then secure page is simply visible to unauthorized users.

Actually, there is a need of event which gets executed way before page loaded, in order to achieve this.

Bubble team, please suggest me if you already have something to prevent this scenario. I don’t find any solution here.

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The only viable solution at the moment for permissions is to define privacy rules in the data tab.
That way you will not prevent users from accessing some pages of your website if they cancel the redirection, but they will not be able to see any content at all since the privacy rules will not allow it.

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