Simple Permissions

How would you create a page that only certain users have access to? I expect that I need to somehow flag specific users. In this case as “Admin”. Then I expect I need to apply something to the page that only the can see. But I could use a bit of direction. Any help would be appreciated.

My App:

Specific Pages I need to restrict:

Create a field called Role on the User thing (data type), then have an “On Page Load and Role <> X” with an action to navigate to index page.

So if a user does not have the Role as whatever you define, then they are redirected back to the home page.

You could also hide the button or link based on that role also, so only those that should be able to access it can see it.

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Excellent. Thanks. I will give it a shot.

If user presses escape button after secure page is loaded and before it redirect, user is able to see secure page without any permission.

There should be an event which should triggered before page is loaded.

You can create a group with every element in the page, made it hidden until {condition} user is logged in

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