Page redirects to itself with 301


I’ve build an app that displays comments on topics. If you want to look at all comments you can click on a button and that button opens the page “discussion” and sends the date of the cells topic (as a thing). The discussion page is called properly and the things slug is presented in the url.

But after that the page redirects to itself with the status 301 until the browser stops it.

I’ve disabled every single workflow, I’ve deleted every object on the page itself. Everytime I click on that button it happens again.

If I preview the discussion page directly (without sending a thing), it loads just fine.

I don’t know what to do anymore.

Update: When I’m already on “discussion” and to a navigation call to page discussion with the exact same comment as sent data, it works. But if I reload the page, I’m in the redirect loop again.

Update 2: After three hours, I finally found the culprit. I’ve created a slug consisting of “title-uid”. When I get rid of the unique id of the thing it works.