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Static page slug

Im trying to use static pages on my app but Im getting a weird response.

I created a page with the url:

Automatically bubble created an infinite ammount of pages with /massagem-tantrica after this one. like:

and so forth.

this page is static and is not connected to any “thing”

What am I missing?

Can you post a screenshot of your bubble pages? Are you using a URL router?


Sure mate. Ill post soon backend and frontend. I did not configure anything specialn regarding urls and im not familiar with the term you mentioned

Here are some screeshots, mate. from backend, page congig, SEO config and an example on the browser,

Any thoughts will be appreciated! Thanks!

NEED HELP - weird URL behavior happening here.

What exactly do you mean by this? Where has Bubble created these pages? How are you finding these pages?

Hi adam. These pages are displayed under the url scheme I showed at the beginning at the post.
There are duplicate public pages created by bubble with /slug/slug./slug on an infinite basis…

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