Page Speed Load - Need Recommendations

Hi everyone,

I’m desperate for some help here - My page speed load times are so slow, and I don’t know how to get to the bottom of it.

Here’s a GT metrix report that compares my speed compared to another bubble app. Theirs loads quicker, even though it’s downloading more assets?

Please do get in touch if you have a recommendation!

build things as reusable elements. You can build your whole landing page as a reusable element. and it should help.

also, how have you setup relational data? when you’re linking 2 tables do you select the other table as a type in the new table or are you "Do a search for Thing’s unique id?

Whole page is a reusable element and there are no ‘do a search’ in it - thanks!

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I think it is placebo , if you use relational data vs do a search for it is essentially same if you link it correctly . Lets say current user has list of dates . current user’s list of dates is bad yes , but current user’s dates_selected where dates selected is a table that connect list of dates , if you connect this way do a search for and relational does the same. When you use dev tools you cannot see the data both way until it is required ( joined with postrge) . James unfortuanetly this is a bubble issue we have been talking and asking about performance and SEO , but we don’t get it and don’t see improvement and roadmap for last 3 months.

you couldn’t be further from a good explanation for relational operations. In bubble, the primary table and any foreign table are retrieved at once. If you opt for Do a search for thing’s unique id (where you’ve stored it as just text), you’re making 2 calls instead of 1, increasing WU and wasting time.

i feel this to my core. wish i had a solution for you.

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Lets say you have table1-table2 connected via pk . From my experiences using network tab , if you use table1’s table2’s name , you will retrieve all the data from table1 and table2 . But if you only search and use for table1’s attributes the data of table 2 doesn’t get called , and it is marked as lookup_function_table2 you can’t see any data from it on page load .

‘‘primary table and any foreign table are retrieved at once’’
I dont know where this comes from but the idea was there before I started producing and it is clearly not the case , and in practice it shows too. I have a table1 inside of it table2 , table3 and table 4 , each of them has around 10 items . In your logic if I load rg of 8 items of table 1 , it would take above 10 secs to load but no it is quite fast.

Here is founder Josh’s direct reference on it (April,2019) ''1. If A has a list of B, whenever you load A, you load all the ids of Bs in that list. We may change this eventually but no short-term plans to do this. We don’t actually load the rest of the data for the Bs unless you actually reference a property on the Bs. (I think! If you can build a simple test page that demonstrates otherwise, submit it as a bug) ‘’