Page was Refreshed Reporting Bug

This shouldn’t happen when pressing submit or at all

Looks like the Bubble team pushed an update whilst you were filling the form. Looks like you’ll have to copy the stuff you wrote as to not lose it, unfortunately :man_shrugging:. Josh did say that this is something they plan to fix:

I interpret the comments on the monthly community update to be for ‘our’ apps and not bubble itself…I’ve never experienced bubble pushing that message to an editor while I was working on my app…kind of just assumed all of the pages concerned with Bubble would not experience that same issue…but they do say bubble is built on bubble so

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The editor is separate to the other Bubble pages. The Bubble editor couldn’t be built on Bubble because there would be nothing to build on since the editor wouldn’t exist and Bubble wouldn’t be Bubble.

Also, the app refresh banner does appear on Bubble pages:


Yes we pushed change to our app. If you refresh it should go away, if it doesn’t let us know

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