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Page won't load *sometimes* - how can I troubleshoot?

On one page of my app, it is hanging infinitely only sometimes. It can happen when:

A) Any sidebar menu item on this user-account page is clicked:

All these workflows are simple, they each just scroll to the top and change a parameter in the URL which is used to hide/show the right content on the page:

B) When the Notification Bell or profile picture in the header are clicked:

C) Sometimes when a text/button that’s supposed to show a popup on the user-account page is clicked.

I’m baffled because it’s only sporadically, and all these things had been working fine for a long time, until yesterday. I did make changes to the header but I undid them. I’ve tried running step-by-step but when it does hang, it hangs before any workflow steps are run so that has given me more hints.

Any ideas on what this could be, or how I might do further troubleshooting?


Hey @johndurso :wave:

I have seen some weird errors today too. I would try to report it to Bubble and see what they can do. They must have pushed something recently. :man_facepalming:t2:

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Facing similar issues :confused:

Glad I’m not the only one…I guess? I’ll post in bugs and see what they say.

FYI, @johndurso… there’s no need to re-post in the bugs category, if that’s what you meant… it’s all the same forum folks reading the posts, regardless of the category. You should submit a bug report to Bubble.

Thanks Mike, I realized that right after commenting and am actually filing a bug report!

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