Paid Bubble Developer Internship w/ Job Offer

It’s okay brother, I forgive you.
Idk who you are but you definitely seem to have issues.
Either that or you got scammed by some other guy.

Only when bubble servers are down again, you can sleep well then. xD

I thought you said it has been 84 years

It’s quite the opposite :sweat_smile:

I’ll work with you for 100/hr with a minimum of 10 hrs per month. Plus equity and insurance. And lunch cards.

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Please don’t do that it will break his bank account :sob:

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He’s right this time @jared.gibb , it really would.

And please don’t ask for bonus, device upgrade, paid leave, child card, commuter benefits, Reimbursements , Expense accounts , Profit sharing etc
And yes never for a paid vacation to New Zealand and back to home.

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To be fair mate, you did say “Paid” internship. When you say that, no one is going to expect a small amount that can barely pay for their phone bill.

You’re better off saying it’s mostly unpaid, but with some minimal compensation monthly towards efforts.

You will get attacked on this forum if you’re not transparent about this type of stuff. I’ve hired interns before and they were 100% happy at the end, but at the beginning I told them right away it wasn’t a paid gig. I didn’t drag them for that long either, as soon as things became profitable I give them the option to stick around or take some money, had one take the money, and now working with other agencies (plus mine if needed via contract), another has became one of my service partners!


so OP offers a paid internship opportunity, and the rest of you decide to turn the topic into an edgy discussion about working in tech?


Not all of us. I just like to get paid a lot and offer my services to everyone.

So… :shushing_face:

I love the edginess of this community admin directly confronting users. Love it! :rofl: