Paid Bubble Developer Internship w/ Job Offer

Hear me out!
A year ago I built a bubble application that is now gaining traction & popularity. We’re a company that connects rural business with urban skilled volunteers. A subscription based model. Link -
We have 400+ daily registrations & we are growing fast.
That means the tech has to grow fast as well.

I am looking for someone, with a decent amount of experience or projects. The opportunity is for long term, it will start with a 6 month PAID internship, then it will be converted to a full time job given on what you produce.
Roles & Responsibilities will be ordinary with a little sprinkle of extraordinary.

So if you think you’re up for it!
Please email me at

Rakshit Kumar
Co-founder | Volunteer Yatra


Less than 100$ a month for a full time internship.
Dude you could have said you need free help for your application, I am sure a lot of dev might have approached.
But this not done !!

Its a labour trap, stay away


I’m not sure you should ask for free help.

The bubble sharks attack.

Personally I don’t see any issue with people asking for free work here. There might be people who want to do that.

But yeah, If it’s “paid work” then the monthly pay should be more than enough to feed the person for that month.

Did he mention the monthly rate?

I too didn’t get exact amount but it was ranged between 50-100$
Max a month , and based upon your experience, number of dedicated hours and other factors.

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I didn’t even mention any money anywhere, did you come up with it on your own? :rofl:

Lets come to a conclusion,

How much is the pay roughly?

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I do agree with you but he should have mentioned rates at first, or can say atleast from specific countries.
There’s nothing wrong but with this simple addition many Dev’s time could have been saved :smile:

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Love that you did the work to get the rate!

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Even if you take the minimum it’s 40,000 a month.

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Most of the internships in India are unpaid. Students and fresh grads do internships just for the sake of gaining industry expertise and to build some network.
I don’t think it’s a great idea to jump the gun without knowing anything about the situation.

What you just said if that was there in the description of the job posted would you think this would happen?
How an Earth can anyone know your target audience without specifying it ?

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I think instead of showing bhaichara ( brotherhood) towards him, you should message him to correct and add more description.
Because technically if you are posting over here without specifying any location it defaults to global audience, isn’t?

Stop being so critical about everything. As much as I agree with you that he should mention what he’s gonna offer and who he’s targeting in the post description, I’m pretty sure you’d have reacted the same way. If he’s offering $100 a month for being an intern, he’s actually paying someone $100 a month to learn. That’s almost the similar amount I started with when I started bubbling in 2021. There are shit load of people not knowing where and how to start client hunt. Opportunities like this are for them, not for people like you and me.
Do better next time.

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Mr Indi, you seem to be very pissed off.
Please have a good sleep

Hahaha, first of all my profile picture is on display for everyone, secondly it’s not my number, so you don’t need to hide it at all.
To be honest, I haven’t yet come up with a reasonable number for the stipend because I do not want to undervalue anybody’s effort. I am still talking to multiple people to understand the avg. working rate of a bubble developer depending upon the country. Based on that I will make a decision.

Also I did not give you permission to write about monthly pay on my behalf.

Lastly, I do not talk like that.

I’ll Mr 247bubbleforum
I don’t think sleep would help you much
Get tested

So what, didn’t get that ?

I respect people privacy.

Yes I know you are between 50 and $100 and haven’t decided a number yet.

I have to display that screenshot because you openly said that you didn’t mentioned any money anywhere.

But you chatted not talked :sweat_smile:

I think you need deep sleep and good sleep because you read it wrong

I said for you not me.

Can I have some of that good sleep, it’s been 37 years