Parallax effect above elements

It is possible to have a parallax effect with elements that are above the page. Set the zindex to “beneath the page”, choose the factor and set the zindex to “above elements”. The parallax effect remains even though the option disappears in the editor.




Nice workaround, opens the door to some clever designs, like the one you’ve illustrated. Odd its not consistent in the options when the z-index is set to ‘Above elements’. Cheers.


Thanks for sharing!

This is great.

Did you have any tips for the relationships between parallax and the responsive engine?

As the screen size gets smaller the floating element changes position in relation to the other elements on the page.

Perhaps, @gaurav bdk floater has a solution?

An ineffective way but working, show and hide the groups depending on the page width.

Yeah you should be able to pin any element (doesn’t matter if above / beneath / responsive etc). Basically you can say when the element reaches this position, fix it for this distance (or unlimited distance).

Feel free to check out the demo, editor and plugin docs at for more details