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Hi everyone! I’m stuck and could use some help. I’m creating a survey and I cannot move group 2 to be even with groups 1 and 3 in this screenshot. What am I missing? Thank you.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 1.57.38 AM

@chrismilleratx seems like Group2 is inside Group 3. Just select it, and drag it out of Group 3 and onto the page.

Alternatively you can:

  • copy Group 2 with workflows
  • paste it with workflows in the page (therefore not in Group 3)
  • delete the original Group 2 from Group 3

Thanks, @abroisedlg.

I tried all of that and it won’t work. It’s odd. Group 2 won’t drag. In fact none of the objects in that tree will drag. Should I be going somewhere other than the element tree to drag?

Cutting and pasting will work, but I can’t get Group 2 in the proper position between 3 and 1. Very odd.

The tree isn’t draggable. You can only drag within the main editor section. @ambroisedlg’s advice was accurate, the main point being “drag it out of Group3 and into the page”.
You can drag Group2 out of Group3 in the editor, but you cannot in the tree.

Thanks @SerPounce for clarifying, indeed I meant dragging within the main editor!
Group2’s position shouldn’t be a problem as well, feel free to include a screenshot so we can understand what you’re trying to do

Thanks guys. I’m a newbie so still trying to find my footing.

The survey has 3 pages (groups 1-3). Somehow, as you can tell by the element tree in my initial post, group 2 became. child of group 3. All I’m trying to do is get group 2 out of its nested child relationship with group 3 so the survey takes on its natural flow of 1.2 3 when the next button is pushed after each answer.

What you’re saying about dragging or pasting makes sense. If you can’t do it within the tree, am I I supposed to do it with the canvas editor section where the survey rendering is currently?

I renamed a few of my groups to help explain. I’ve called them GroupInner (your Group2), GroupOuter (your Group3) and GroupOuter2 (another group that might be holding your Group3).

As I’m showing here, click on Inner (Group2) and then simply drag it onto the page.

You’ll know its on the page when the red borders appear as such:

Anther very valuable tip is to reference the parent/child feature at the bottom of the element tool:
Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.45.37 AM

Thank you. That’s helpful. When you drag the group off of its current location to the page, where does it go? Does the parent/child feature that you mentioned help organize the item that you dragged onto the page into its proper order (1, 2, 3)?

One thing that I noticed in the group 2 editor is that there’s not a “element is visible” checkbox like on elements 1 and 3. Any ideas?

When you look at this screenshot, my groups are the white areas of the survey with text, radio button etc. I’m assuming that you are talking about grabbing the white text area (those are my groups) and drag them onto the blank white canvas around them. Is that correct?

Again, how do I make the group 2 element visible like what you see in group 1s editor?

This is the group 2 editor. Note there is no checkbox to make the element visible.

The Bubble classes cover all of your questions. I don’t think it’s a good idea explaining how to move groups. While it will help you, it will just be a series of another 1,000 questions following it because you didn’t spend time learning the basics.

Hope that makes sense.

Good luck with your project!

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Fair enough. I’ve been looking at contextual videos that are built into the editors and reading the manuals but I haven’t had my “a ha” moment, unfortunately. I’ll revisit the classes.

Your just like me, I didn’t like following the classes but I decided to give it a go after 2 months after getting stuck all the time back in the days.

Props on your design work. Seems to go in the right direction.

Thanks, guys! I figured it out.

With @nocodeventure tough love :grinning: and the assists from you other two, the training finally made sense on what you were telling me. I spent hours on that so I’m stoked to have a breakthrough. Cheers!


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